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 The Greater Cincinnati Women’s Post 644 was founded in 1946, when women veterans returning from World War II did not feel accepted or understood by the men in traditional American Legion posts. We have a very rich history and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our “Grandmothers” who had the fortitude to start an all-women’s post after returning from service to their country. "Dutch Uncles" were male American Legion members who supported the creation of women's posts in the forties and fifties. Our older members remember their contributions to the success of our post in the early days. We are grateful that a handful of these women are still sharing their wisdom with us today.

    When Post 644 was chartered in 1948, the Department of Ohio had 10 women posts around the state, boasting more than 500 women members. There are still several all-women's posts around the country and a few have formed in recent years.

    Today our post includes male members who are often the husbands of our members or they are male veterans who support our mission. All are welcome and we continue to serve as we have for over 65 years, our community utilizing the Four Pillars of the American Legion as our guide. 

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